Kuopio – Finland – 2014

Another fieldwork done in the Nordics. My first real trip to Finland, after just a few border crossings along roadtrips between Sweden and Norway. What an experience, as we drove from Stockholm, took the ferry over to Turku and drove up to Kuopio and Siilinjärvi. In Siilinjärvi we worked in a mine for 7 days, it was just an adventure to be allowed to drive an arctic truck between heavy loaders inside europe’s largest open pit mine. We went for a city walk in Kuopio town, and I flew home via Helsinki. It’s not the most exciting country in the world, but they sure have the coolest language! 😉


Kiruna – Northern Sweden 2014

Went to Kiruna for two weeks with my job, was an interesting trip which brought me a new view on the northern Lappland area. Very beautiful nature and so much culture. Got to visit the iron mine and mingled with lots of reindeer. Ran around in the deep old forests and met new people. Even drove all the way into the foot of Sweden’s highest mountain – Kebnekaise. I drove up and took an airplane back – in total I clocked almost 3000km in these two weeks… PUH!

Montreál – Canada 2014

Sooooo I got an offer about going to Montreál, and I said yes. And then I went on my first transatlantic flight, to North America, a week later. Alone. Feels good to be a bit crazy every now and then.

I do not speak a single word french, but french Canada was superb! I’d love to see even more of Quebec 🙂

Pictures coming ahoy!

Funfact about Quebec: The cars in Quebec only have licence plates on the back of the cars, not in the front. This gives them a very clean and nice appearance from the front. The reason is that a governor thought it was silly to have licence plates on the front of cars – a “waste of metal” – and he therefore banned it.

Abu Dhabi & Dubai 2013

For my birthday, my boyfriend gave me a trip to the United Arab Emirates. Even better, we were flying with Lufthansa on Business Class. THANK YOU HUBBIE!!!

This would be my first time on a flight longer than 4 hours.

Super early connecting flight to Frankfurt. Ugh. Very gusty during takeoff, but awesome german pilots did the trick. Got a great breakfast.

In Frankfurt we checked in for our next flight, and I got the news that my boyfriend had got me great seats for the flight. 3A & B! YAY!

Med andre ord: mini-kabin! YAY!


3A 🙂 Kews!

Cruiselevel and appetizer time!

The flight was super comfortable. No pig meat on the menu though….!! LOL 😉

Duck meat

I had some pasta for dinner, then I fell asleep and woke up above the Carpatians.

Sunset above the carpatians

På innflyvninga til Abu Dhabi

Landing in Abu Dhabi and immigration was pretty quick. Suddenly I was further away from home than I’d ever been. I’ll forever remember the feeling of exiting the terminal with our rental car-guy. It was so warm, the terminal was so over-extravagant, I felt like I was in a James Bond movie there and then. I’ve never felt like that ever before.

Our hotel was super nice and luxurious; Sofitel. And don’t get me started about our rental car which was ridiculously cheap and SO SEXY. SERIOUSLY. Merchedes GLK 350. The sound that car made on the roads were just…. Eargasm. We had room-service bring us food since it was my birthday. What a fantastic day.

The next day we got up early and ate some delicious breakfast, before we went outside and started sightseeing. Just driving around was an experience, people were crashing (honestly….!) and the buildings were ridiculously high. The whole town was decorated in the United Arab Emirates colors due to the 42-year celebration of the state. They sure know how to party down there… 🙂 We checked out Ethiad towers, Emirates palace, several shopping centres and went for a walk in Abu Dhabi Marina (where they had speedboats!) before we drove out to Yas Island and checked out Ferrari World. Crazy stuff! I still feel the funniest part was driving our own car super fast on the roads…. hahaha 😀

This car….. THIS CAR. I MISS YOU

Our hotel

View from our hotel room

We ate some great food in a restaurant that night, and got to bed a bit early. Because the next day we got up early to go to the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi. It was one of the most beautiful buildings I have ever seen. Just magnificent! They held a prayer session when we were there, which was quite special and rewarding to hear and see. After that we drove to Dubai and my mind got blown away again. All these places I’ve seen on pictures started popping up everywhere. And Burj Al Khalifa…. Seriously, that tower is crazy! We visited the tower, and then spent the rest of the day at Dubai Mall + eating at a restaurant and watching the light/water show. Was pretty cool 🙂

Enroute Dubai

Skyline of Dubai

National day celebration/caption]

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="600"] LED-lights in relation to the national day

Animated LED-lights…!

42 year celebration

42 year celebration

Huge building


The return was also with Lufthansa, on business class. And thank god for that, leaving from Abu Dhabi airport was pretty horrible. Overcrowded undersized airport with bad facilities. It felt so good getting onboard and falling asleep!!! Landed in Frankfurt the next morning, before transferring to the next flight back home. What an experience, super way to celebrate my birthday 🙂

Rebootin’ the IFE system, lol /caption]

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="800"] Businessclass. It’s the nice way to fly.