Failed attempts at blogging

I’ve finally settled in Longyearbyen.
A summary:

*Celebrated 17th of May. Was great.
*Enjoyed late night walks in the midnight sun.
*Had super interesting lectures
*Met so many great people

And: I’ve bought a BIKE! YAY!

17 Mai fra øverst i Longyeardalen, jeg bor nedenfor den oransje blokka midt i bildet.

Ferske bær med is kan også nytes i isødet!

Slæffings på trappa, i sola 🙂

Look at all the birdies! 🙂

Isløysinga 🙂

zomg wild polar fox 8DDDDD

Mister Svalbard ❤ Hooo-aaa.


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