Kuopio – Finland – 2014

Another fieldwork done in the Nordics. My first real trip to Finland, after just a few border crossings along roadtrips between Sweden and Norway. What an experience, as we drove from Stockholm, took the ferry over to Turku and drove up to Kuopio and Siilinjärvi. In Siilinjärvi we worked in a mine for 7 days, it was just an adventure to be allowed to drive an arctic truck between heavy loaders inside europe’s largest open pit mine. We went for a city walk in Kuopio town, and I flew home via Helsinki. It’s not the most exciting country in the world, but they sure have the coolest language! 😉


Kiruna – Northern Sweden 2014

Went to Kiruna for two weeks with my job, was an interesting trip which brought me a new view on the northern Lappland area. Very beautiful nature and so much culture. Got to visit the iron mine and mingled with lots of reindeer. Ran around in the deep old forests and met new people. Even drove all the way into the foot of Sweden’s highest mountain – Kebnekaise. I drove up and took an airplane back – in total I clocked almost 3000km in these two weeks… PUH!

Island og øyhopping 2013

Number of days: 4
Total driven distance: ~1000km
Total flights: 4
Mommy can I do it again?-factor: YES
May 2013

Iceland has become our “thing”. As Iceland was our first trip together, we will always remember it with the super-intense “we’ve just fallen in love with eachother”-feelings we had during those days. Every couple has their place, Iceland is “that place” for us! ❤

The last time we visited the saga island, we did the most touristy things – so this time we decided to do our own twist of the journey.

We flew Scandinavian Airlines both ways. They land around noon at Keflavik airport, which is a perfect time to land there as the whole airport is very quiet and calm at this time. Zero lines at neither the baggage belt, the customs, nor the car rental areas. We rented a Toyota Landcruiser from AVIS – it had only been driven a mere 200kilometers when we got it!! It still smelled "new car" and was super clean and fresh. Loved it.

We quickly made our way into Reykjavik town, where we lived at Radisson BLU 1919 Hotel Reykjavik. It is situated perfectly in the city centre with a large parking lot next to it. The hotel room was the same good standard as last time we lived there. So we grabbed some quick food, changed our clothes and drove out for some offroad driving action! 🙂 Kleifarvatn lies a mere 20 minutes outside of Reykjavik and is surrounded by a gravel road with plenty of offroad possibilities. After driving a bit around and playing with the car, we drove to a place called Seltún – something which closely resembles the geysir area, only without the actual eruptions. Highly reccomended 🙂

It was raining, blowing and freezing, so the whole area seemed kind of magical as the water fuzzed and boiled. Felt like we were walking inside a cooking pan! After some time spent at Seltún we drove over to Grindavík and ran into the sweet sweet Blue Lagoon. After 2 hours soaking and warming our bodies we drove back to Reykjavik and ate at the Fish Company.

Day two the Landcruiser got some asphalt experience – as we drove southwards along ring 1 to Vík. On the way we visited Eyjafjallajökull-centre, Skógarfoss, Seljalandsfoss and Dyrhólaey, Reynisdrangar og the beach at Vík 🙂 When we turned around we drove an semi-offroad road to Sólheimajökull, a glacier. We hiked in to the glacier, before going back to the car and driving to Reykjavik. On the way back we took a detour via Bláfjellavegur, which is a gravel road.

Well back in Reykjaviktown we had drove 400 kilometers, so we took a good old Jack Daniels burger at TGIF.

Woke up super early next morning, the GPS got its heading – right north on ring road 1. Akureyri was our target, and the road was just amazingly beautiful to drive. It took 4 hours to drive, and when we arrived in Akureyri we were greeted with hearts in the traffic lights! Such a treat.

So whats with this crazyness? Well. We were going to fly to the island of Grímsey with Nordlandair.

It was just absurd flying this tiny little propeller airplane straight into the ocean. It made so much noise and felt like flying a private Cessna 172….

Ved første øyekast minner det jo mye om Finnmark…. *humre*

Grímsey is a tiny volcanic island north of Iceland the island itself. There are about 80 inhabitants. People live on the island due to fishing, well known for us Norwegians. There are special conditions on the island, whom only recently got mobile phone coverage and internet coverage. Everyone has emergency aggregates in their back yards, ever house has a name (no number or street adress) and the only animals on the island is birds. LOTS OF BIRDS. A paradise for bird watchers. There are puffins and northern fulmars. The island is 4,5 km long and 1,5 wide, in other words TINY. The runway is 1,2 km long, in other words it goes along the length – not the width, of the island! On Grímsey we were toured by a local couple who had a car and drove us around the whole island. Like really, we got to see every creek and nook of the island – inside the church and even inside the fish factory!! And the views…. When we stood on the southern point of the island (by the light house) and looked at the cliffs. The air was so clear, crisp, so magical. Grímsey was just something special!!!

Back at the airport we got our pictures taken at the polar circle marking, and got diplomas signed by the captain of our flight!!!

The flight back was such incredible fun. We flew low level (i.e very low) all the way back, passing through fjords and flying past islands!

Low level inn i Eyjafjördur!

Back in Akureyri we drove all the way back to Reykjavik…. CRAZY PEOPLE! 800kilomters of perfect icelandic roads. They are soooo nice to drive! The closer we got to Reykjavik the crazier the weather became. By the time we reached Reykjavik it was blowing hurricane winds.

The horrible weather continued until the next day, aka the day of departure. And even though I’d been sitting and humping my way between fjords and mountains in a tiny Twin Otter – the thought of leaving in a Boeing 737 jet seemed absolutely horrendous to me. Little did I know that the takeoff was completely smooth and fine. My brain should stop being an idiot some times…. LOL 😉 We flew business class home, which yielded super yummy food!

Kreta 2012

For første gang i mitt liv skulle jeg på chartertur! Makan til spennende prosjekt var det lenge siden jeg har vært med på. Vi valgte en restplasstur, og mens jeg egentlig drømte om å reise til Santorini – ble det eneste valget innenfor økonomien vår å reise til Kreta. Det angrer jeg IKKE på i ettertid, da vi bodde kjempefint og hadde en knall tur. Det ble altså en chartertur med mersmak, og her kommer et lite reisebrev fra den turen 🙂 Valget falt på Apollo som reiseoperatør, det blir det *Garantert* flere ganger! Apollo er spesialister på Hellas, og ikke uten grunn 🙂

Oslo Gardermoen – Chania (Kreta)
ca 4 timer
Airbus 321

Vi var så heldige at vi fikk “businessclass” seter gratis hos Novair, kjempeservice! Uheldigvis er ikke business class akkurat mye business class hos disse charterselskapene – men det er bedre enn ingen ting 🙂 Hyggelig crew, men jeg synes det er litt anmasende med loddsalg og mye mas om taxfree-handling… Fordelen med å reise med Apollo til Kreta var lite barnefamilier, og stort sett 80% gamle oldiser på 60-80 år 😀 De slokner stort sett etter et par glass rødvin, noe som gjør flyturen herlig. En del toalett-køer dessverre… Masete. Veldig bra fly, trivdes ombord på A321! Tiden gikk og vips landet vi på Kreta. Lengre sør hadde jeg aldri vært før! Hoi hoi 🙂
Fun-fact om flyturen; jeg hadde rimelig mye “pre-flight anxiety” (flyskrekk) før vi dro. Vi fikk dessverre slot-tid ned til Kreta, det vil si at vi måtte stå ved gate og vente i 45 minutter før vi fikk reise. Jeg ble etterhvert veldig, veldig tissatrengt. Og det regnet ute, så når vi endelig tok av var jeg overhodet ikke redd, jeg bare NIVENTA på at det helsikkes setebeltet skulle skrus av *ler* Aldri har jeg vært så lite redd under takeoff, som da. Ganske genialt 🙂

Vel framme på Chania var det “the waiting game” på baggasjen i ekkel varm terminal, før jeg fikk oppleve varmen på Kreta på ordentlig… BUSS…. Til Rethymno…. Fra Chania…. ALDRI MER. NEVER AGAIN. Å ta buss i flere timer mens du er på det siste hotellet (seriøst…) er bare så ukult som man får det på chartertur. Vi angra som noen hunder på at vi ikke tok leiebil fra dag én, men man lærer av sine feil og vi har i ettertid aldri gjort sånt tull igjen (å dra med buss fra flyplass til hotell på chartertur 😛 ).

Hotellet var rett og slett flott, vi stortrivdes! Rom i 2etg, kjempehyggelige folk som drifta det, rent og stort rom. Ingen tv, men herregud, vi er ikke i syden for å se på tv 😛 Det var noen maur på rommet, men ved å bruke maurspray tok vi knekken på de. Hotellet lå perfekt til ved den lange stranda i Rethymno, det var bare å la alt ligge på hotellrommet, og så spasere i 30 sekunder – vips så var du på stranda! Det var ikke noe badestrand sånn sett, men siden jeg ikke er noen stor svømmer var det ikke noe nedtur. Mye bølger osv, så vi begrenset oss til vassing og småtrasking i sanda + masse soling! 🙂

Utsikt fra hotellrommet

Første dagen trasket vi mest rundt og koset oss med det, utforsket området rundt hotellet og gikk inn til Rethymno sentrum. Det tok 5 minutter fra hotellet, genialt. Spiste på et skikkelig turistifisert sted, men det var god mat så det klager man ikke på… hehe 🙂
Dag 2 henta vi bil, det var genialt! Vi kjørte over til Heraklion – hovedstaden på Kreta – og taslet rundt i byen der. Så på turistattraksjoner og kjøpte en hatt. Min første hatt, ever *flir* 🙂 God mat! På kvelden kjørte vi tilbake til Rethymno og bada ved hotellet. Sløve dager, kan’ke bli bedre! 🙂
Dag 3 dro vi ut til et sted som het Falasarna beach. Det tok en stund å kjøre (ca 1 time) og er forbi Chania og Kissamos, helt ute på vestkysten av Kreta. WOW what a place!!
Dag 4 tok vi en kjøretur til sørenden av øya
Dag 5 dro vi tilbake til falasarna
Dag 6 leverte vi bilen ganske tidlig, før vi trødde rundt og koset oss på stranda
Dag 7 dro vi hjem.